The Directed Systems Story

We’re passionate about health and the life sciences, where our focus is helping when the natural control processes (“homeostasis”) have been de-stabilised. For example, after major injury, in serious disease and after major surgery. We’re particularly interested and enthusiastic about the cardiovascular system and keeping that going in these difficult situations.

We develop very smart, easy to use software and apps around the themes of “control” and “autonomous systems”. We also work on sensors and integration with monitors and treatment devices (eg IV pumps) to get the high quality data streams we need; fast, accurately and reliably – and to control treatment systems.

We start by identifying important needs with our clinical collaborators and then come up with inspirations on how a new technology product can help do things differently – sometimes the result of just a crazy brainwave. We work closely with end users to gain their insights and to validate and refine our technology concept. We’re looking for technology that can substantially change the way people do things. For example, we’re working with civilian and military clinicians to produce much better ways for them to manage IV infusion pumps for patients requiring cardiovascular resuscitation.

There’s always something non-trivial built into Directed Systems technology. Our solutions are usually data-rich and use sophisticated mathematical algorithms. In the case of cardiovascular control, we have developed algorithms which adjust to the response of the patient, enabling us to tailor treatment so that it is optimised for each patient and the present time.

We go through rapid development cycles, constantly testing out with real users and in controlled situations, including pre-clinical and clinical studies, mindful of regulatory matters and quality management systems.

  • “Our learnings from the Navigator experience showed us that we had to take the next step. We had to move from providing expert advice to providing therapeutic intervention. We had to take the algorithms and allow them to assist the clinicians with the care of their patient.”
  • Mark Leaning
    CEO and Founder
    Directed Systems, Ltd