CLIP Product Overview           

CLIP is a closed-loop control system with the ultimate goal of supporting autonomous clinical care. The CLIP system supports the following clinical goals:

  • Adequate circulating blood volume
  • Oxygen delivery and use
  • Meet metabolic needs for recovery, and
  • Improve survival and outcomes

CLIP will do this by sampling blood pressure and other vital signs, signal processing, applying control algorithms and automatically adjusting infusion rates in intravenous (IV) pumps and syringes. The control targets will be set and monitored by clinicians.

CLIP will better stabilise patient blood pressure and flow by controlling infusions for cardiovascular support in three areas: volume (fluids, diuretics, dialysis), resistance (vasoconstrictors and vasodilators), and heart (inotropes).

Infusions will be adjusted while hospital and military clinicians attend to other life-threatening situations and aspects of patient care, secure in knowing they will be alerted when a patient’s blood pressure is falling or not responding to treatment. In addition to aiding clinicians in peri-operative, critical care, and emergency areas of the hospital, CLIP will be of tremendous value to defence medical teams in time-pressured field situations and in managing large numbers of critically injured soldiers.

  • “It is irresponsible not to develop the digital side of therapeutics. We are, after all, in a control environment, applying to the patient external control inputs to replace those internal controls lost by virtue of disease. The application of control engineering to this process is very much to be desired.”
  • Professor Geoffrey Parkin, MBBS FANZCA FJFICM
    Honorary Medical Staff
    Monash Medical Centre
    Melbourne, Australia