Research and Development

Directed Systems has an active research and development programme, based on a philosophy of human-centered product design.

We focus on the development of advanced software technology products to support patients and clinicians. We are at the forefront of physiological modelling, control and machine learning theory, predictive analytics and software development.

We have a connectivity platform that allows us to interoperate with other devices and systems. This allows us to optimise the information contained in the rich and currently untapped data streams of bedside monitors, treatment machines and other systems.

Our clinical focus is on patients undergoing anesthesia during surgical procedures, post-operative care and intensive care.

Our aim is to improve the stability and reduce the variance of key physiological variables, which are known to have a profound influence on outcomes and complications. Through this improvement our aim is to improve patient outcomes and have a marked reduction on healthcare costs.

Image: MD-TEC in Birmingham

The Company has the in-house team to take early R&D ideas and designs through a controlled technical and clinical development process through to release of approved medical products.

We are collaborating with clinical leaders and hospitals in the USA, UK and Europe.

Enabling superior data-driven clinical decisions