Burn Navigator

Using the BRDSS algorithm developed by the US Army Institute of Surgical Research (USAISR), Arcos created the Burn Navigator®clinical decision support system to help assist clinicians with fluid resuscitation.

Careful fluid resuscitation in the first 24-72 hours is vital to help ensure good patient outcomes

The Burn Navigator® guides and monitors fluid resuscitation for severe burn patients by providing:

  • Fluid volume graphics and projections
  • Individualized, adaptive hourly fluid recommendations
  • Fluid I/O table and graphics
  • Electronic medical record data messages
Not every patient’s body responds in a predictable way, but the Burn Navigator will show you where your patient’s fluid levels are heading and provide that much needed time to assess and evaluate appropriate care in the hope of avoiding complications.

To learn more about the Burn Navigator, visit eu.burnnav.net or read the brochure below.

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